Reversed Aquarium: Busena Marine Park


March 2, 2017

Ever wondered what it feels like to be “inside” the aquarium? I think that’s the concept of Busena Observatory. Basically they have a tower about a hundred meters from the shore, and you can go at the bottom.

How to Get There:

Take bus 120, which comes around every 30 minutes. Check the routes here:

Wait for them to say Busena (stop 8, but it seems that buses have different stops), it’s said pretty clearly. That’s the station you want.

How to Leave:

Take the same bus. 🙂

Quick Tips:

  • Target to go in good weather. The wind was a bit strong when I came so the glass boat wasn’t available.
  • If you are claustrophobic, reassess. The way down is a narrow passage.
Walking to the observatory deck.
Basically how the deck works. Oh, see the the waves? The wind was pretty strong.
Peek a boo! They have some clownfishes (some Nemo’s) in cages.
See the strong waves? Oh, sorry mr. fish, i’m leaving now








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