Sagamiko IlluMillion 


February 7, 2017

After this, no other place had the right to say “Sea of Lights” as far as I’m concerned (I don’t mind being proved wrong though).

How to Get There

This place is near the area of Mt. Takao, so if you’ve been, this should be fairly familiar. Google Maps is fairly straightforward, and you will spend around JPY1,500. Just take the train to Sagamiko Station, then there’s a bus in front of the Tourist Information Center. The Info Center is on the left side the moment you exit the train station.

Quick Tips

The illumination opens at 4pm, at which point you can enjoy the “abandoned themepark” feel of the place. Since I’ve been to an abandoned themepark, believe me, I know.

This is a pretty huge mascot at the entrance – probably around ten meters tall
Once you get in, this is a great sight to behold. A Christmas tree with the sea of lights and the ferris wheel at the background. Wow.
Let’s get closer….
Wow. Look at this sea of lights. Wow wow wow
There are animals in the sea of lights. Not all of them ocean creatures. Like this. haha
I have to say, this is the cutest one as far as I’m concerned.
This is their tunnel of lights. It doesn’t change color, unfortunately. Best tunnel to date? The Yomiuru one.

This is at the end of the tunnel:

Near the entrance of the tunnel:

This dress is far too small for me, far too big for a normal japanese.

Up Up the Ferris Wheel Hill

You can go up the hill via a cable car (JPY600 ish round trip), and there’s some rides up, and some cute illuminations:

This looks like the perfect place for a proposal. Come on. Don’t you think???
Hello Mr. Ferris Wheel!
Behind the Ferris Wheel is the park mascot. Yes, there are bulb flowers surrounding him, and bulb bouquet on the bench in front of him.
The reflection of the lights made this way better!

Bye Bye Sagamiko!


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