Chancery Suite – We Were Upgraded!

Early 2017

Ok, so this is not really such a big story. But I LOVED it. It’s my first time to be upgraded to a SUITE, and I just want to share the pictures.

So I come in right? Exhausted, and in a I’m-forcing-myself-to-be-happy mood. I booked a small room with two beds. I come in and saw this.

The smart girl that I am, my gut reaction was – there’s no bed?! Oh, GRRRRRRR – wait, there’s a room.

Whoa. We have a room! Wait, is that – is that a LA-Z BOY!

Oh shoot it is! And the bathroom!

It’s bigger than my unit back home! and there’s a huge glass where you can see the bedroom. For reasons.

PS, to my huge disappointment, the jaccuzzi does NOT work. But I’m still happy. Haha.

Well, since I’m done going gaga, here’s a decent picture of the living area:

And the kitchen. Behind it is the small CR (yes, we have two!)

Well that’s it. Haha. I wouldn’t recommend the hotel, honestly. We had far too much problems with it. It wasn’t clean, there was theft, etc etc. I just wanted to share my first suite experience, coz yes, it’s all about me. ^___^




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