Bengaluru’s Flower Market

~February 15, 2017

As part of “Getting to Know Bengaluru” day, we went to the market to see a very unique market – a teeming flower market. I’ve seen flower markets before, but not those that are sewn (yes, sewn!) together in meters and meters of continuous rows, but also to this scale.

*This tour was organized as part of the Global Network Project of our school, so I don’t know any of the logistics aside from “be at the hotel lobby at 1pm”.

Look at this, for example:

They sew each flower individually, and then one guy measures it and thus completes one “pile”.
They do these by groups of flowers – of course, by design.
Another group of ladies, another pile of flowers.
This is pretty special. This is not done on a per flower basis. This is on a PER PETAL basis. Where is it used? Weddings of course!
That’s him with the rose petals.
Piles and piles of flowers. Obsolescence rate? Probably less than a couple of days.



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