Otaru During the Day

February 10, 2017

Otaru is quite famous for being a port, and having these old warehouses.

They also hopped in the Snow Light Festival concept of Sapporo, and I’ve got to say, they’ve made the place a worthy side trip.

I came in around 3pm, where they are setting up for the day’s night show. So most of the paraphernalia like the the pretty bowls and snow sculptures aren’t things you should expect on a normal day.

How to get there

Otaru station is one JR ride away from Sapporo Station. If you are on a tourist visa, get the JR Pass. They have one for the whole of Japan, and one just for Sapporo (or Hokkaido?). That makes things way cheaper.

Quick Tips

  • Hokkaido milk is pretty famous. Try the ice cream (I did even though it was soooo cold)
  • Otaru Canal is pretty during the day. But it also gets really cold. So time your trip right so you enjoy say, an hour or two of daylight then another hour of darkness. It’s such a transformation seeing the snow structures before and after lighting.
My favorinte view in Otaru. Why? No people (the crowd is behind me).
One of the old warehouses turned food court.
They have this a lot all over Japan. I’ve seen one in Okinawa, in Fukuoka, in Tokyo…. It’s like street that’s covered like a gym with food and craft stalls
Playing in the snow. grrrr so cold
Freebies! Freebies! (I didn’t get one though.)
Check the Otaru at Night post. This becomes pretty impressive.
Awww.  ❤




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