Otaru During that Night…

February 10, 2017

I found Otaru Snow Light Path Festival to be more magical than the Sapporo Snow Festival. Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of snow and fire – the lights are not bulb / LED lights. They are from candles. So there’s only one color – white.

The Otaru Snow Light Festival coincides with the Sapporo Snow Festival, so do hit them both at the same time. They are pretty cold though, so that’s also something to consider. Sapporo has three spots to go to (Tsudome, Susukino and Odori) on top of the other regular Sapporo go-to tourist spots. Adding up Otaru will make the trip longer and well, colder.

I’ve got all my tips in the article “Otaru During the Day”, so the items below are merely pictures of the place when I was walking all over the place.

This is the canal at night. It is the MOST crowded place.
One of my favorites. ❤
This is the bridge over the canal. That’s how crowded it is from dusk to dark.
They basically put these candles inside the ice sculptures. They use buckets and water to shape these “ice lanterns”. Basically put snow in the bucket, add a bit of water, and voila! Ice lantern.
It spells out “omotenashi”, which is Japanese hospitality.
Pathways are basically lined up with these.
Awwwww. ❤
Now that I don’t know how they maintain.
This is the before-night btw. Not as impressive, eh?
They have these glass holders all over the place, and they sell it too.
That’s the glass holder in their hands. No, I don’t know them.
This is pure ice, if I’m not mistaken.
Him and his minions.
❤ ❤ ❤
I feel like I should be singing “under the sea”
The fun part is that the neighborhood also participates and makes their own lantern/sculptures outside their establishments/homes.

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