Global Network Project

As part of our MBA curriculum, we had the opportunity to partner with one of the GNAM member schools (GNAM is Global Network for Advanced Management) for a project, which is credited as an elective in our education. Our partner was University of British Columbia (UBC) Sauder Business School. The program is for two weeks, though we also had virtual meetings starting around October.

For the Tokyo students, we had the option of going to Bangalore, India OR stay in Tokyo for the two week program. Of course, I chose India.

It starts with a lot of online meeting in anticipation for the two week immersion.

October – December.

Group assignments. We start meeting each other for the first time online. We also attend some workshops on handling virtual meetings, etc.

Projects. There are a couple of projects lined up, thanks to the amazing professors. We get to share our preference and projects will be assigned.

Client Meeting. We act as consultants and officially meet our “clients” via online conference. Since our project is in India, of course our clients are generally Indians. We had to set the scope of the project, deliverables, timeline, etc.


Last minute preparation. Continuous team meetings, client touchpoints, visa application, etc.


Fieldwork! We went to Bangalore for the project, and stayed there for two weeks. Of course, the entire thing culminated with a client presentation at the end of those two weeks.


Postmortem. Basically we shared what we learned with the rest of the class, and had reflections on what happened.



Overall it was an amazing experience, and was easily the highlight of my MBA… up to that point. Who’d have thought that the school had more in store?




7 thoughts on “Global Network Project

  1. Unfortunately, I was accepted as an ALTERNATIVE recipient only 😦
    This is scarier than waiting for the results. haayyyyyyyy


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