GNP: Mental Health in India

February 2017

For our Global Network Project, our team selected White Swan – a not for profit organization with a mission to be the leading knowledge provider on mental health.

Technically, they aren’t our clients. Our client is their consulting firm, Center of Gravity. So we basically had two clients – the firm Center of Gravity and White Swan.

It was an amazing experience where we were exposed to how big an issue mental health is – not just in India but across the world. I never would look at it the same, and I gained a new awareness of another aspect of humanity.

Our Visit to NIMHANS

The White Swan Office is right next to the NIMHANS Museum so we decided to walk around.

The entrance is free, so just walk in anytime during operating hours.
Inside is the history of NIMHANS and how it has grown through the decades.
They also have some tools used years and years ago related to the field.

Our Visit to Center of Gravity

Of course, we visited the office of our main client, Center of Gravity. It’s such an amazing human-centric firm, with a business style that is shaped by its head. I doubt any other firm can copy Rajesh. He’s a refreshing consultant who’s depth of thinking astounds me.

The entrance to Center of Gravity.

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