Global Network Week (GNW)

March 2017

As we are part of a 29 strong organization of business schools around the world, we have the opportunity of going to these participating partner schools for a week long exchange, with each school offering a course that showcases their competencies. This is done twice a year – in March and around October.

Since I’m in the field of Finance and Accounting, I chose the Behavioral Finance course offered by Yale University. (Tokyo offers an Innovation related course)

It’s a one credit course, and you pay for everything – fare, accommodations, etc. Partner schools help with the visa processing by providing an invitation letter. It was a really smooth process, and I didn’t have to prove anything at the embassy – all I said was, “I’m going for an exchange, here’s the letter”. They do the same in other schools, from what I hear.

The fun part is that you will unlikely meet students from their schools. Why? Because the students also left their schools to visit partner schools!!!

It’s all about global education, guys. And no school can do that alone.


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