Bengaluru Market

February 15, 2017

I felt like was in Baclaran in steroids. (Baclaran is a market in the Philippines).

Bengaluru Public Market was noisy, crowded and overflowing! There were people shouting everywhere (as their marketing tool, I think). As with the other Bangalore tours, all I know in terms of the logistics is “be at the hotel lobby by 1pm”.

Piles and piles of goods. Be it vegetables, pots, flowers, etc.
This, if I understood our guide correctly, is something men chew after eating. Like tobacco. Or Mint.  He said it doesn’t taste good. Either way, these leaves were all over the place.
This is for the ladies. This I think is the one used for their “ink”.
look at these CARROTS!
Then we saw this huge tree…
With the cows eating garbage underneath. We didn’t even touch these cows – we don’t know the rules on dealing with them >.<
And here’s a normal tuktuk (or what they call Auto?)
Look, they even have a meter! Never used, of course.

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