Miyagino: Hakone’s Sakura Path


April 15, 2017

The most fickle Japanese event for me, sakura blossom has such an un-Japanese trait: It does not follow schedule well. So if you only have one week to visit Japan, I suggest you do it in winter or autumn, or basically any other event with fixed dates. Believe me, the schedule changes so much, it’s pretty much either it’s there or it isn’t. For example, the full bloom was originally scheduled at March 25ish. Then it was moved to March 30 ish. Then to April 2 ish. Then the actual full bloom was April 7.

Oh, and this full bloom varies by location. So this schedule was for Tokyo. And to make it more interesting, this full bloom also varies by tree. Yes, BY TREE. For example, the Sakura watch says that the Tokyo full bloom starts at April 2 – but that’s only for some of the trees. The window is pretty short, and so timing your entire vacation credits and taking a leave for a week might be a tad risky.

The sad thing is that I was in New York for April 6-10 (I know, first world problems), so I actually missed the full bloom of the sakura in Tokyo. But oh well. I went ahead with my trip to Hakone, and lo and behold, it’s full bloom! So I’m really happy that I actually did a hanami. ❤


It’s about two kilometers of this, if I remember the article right. Basically an entire pathway of sakura.
So yes, you’ll be walking under the sakura blossoms. That’s it. Just bask in the glory of the Japanese cherry blossoms.
And I think the magical part is how MUCH of these blossoms are. They are overflowing in one tree at full bloom. Put these trees together, and you get a surreal view.






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