Navigating Hakone


April 15-16, 2017

A Hakone is like a tour of modes of transportation. How does it go?

  1. Shinkansen. For the trip from Shinjuku to Hakone, with a premium fare, you can take the Romance Car, which unfortunately is not romantic in any way.
  2. Bus. Some routes are only serviced by buses, so better memorize those letters. Yes, they are identified by letters. This is the stop right outside the Hakone Yumoto station:P_20170415_150539.jpg
  3. Boat. You can sail through Lake Ashi, seeing the tip of Mt. Fuji at one point.
  4. Ropeway. From the end of Lake Ashi up to Mt. Owakudani.
  5. Cablecar. From Mt. Owakudani down, we have to take the ropeway then cable car.
  6. Railway. It’s different from a train – I don’t know how to explain it, but it is like the train’s grandpa.
  7. Train. Finally, since I’m on the budget, I decided to take the normal train to go home.

All these are covered by the Hakone Free pass (JPY5,140). Is it worth it? I didn’t compute – I think I got more than enough rides on it to cover the flat rate. If you’re there for just one day… it might not be. I think the difference is less than JPY1,000 overall if ever, it will be way simpler if you just take the pass (and not worry about the fare)




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