Grand Central


March 12, 2017

The great thing about the Grand Central Terminal is that your train terminal is a tourist spot all by itself. Hence, going to New Haven, I had to take a train from Grand Central.


Things to Know

  • You buy the ticket to ANY counter OR from the inspector himself. There is, however, a price difference of around USD5 between these two, with the ticket counter being the cheaper one.
  • There’s Peak and Off Peak tickets (based on the hour you’re traveling), with the peak tickets being around USD5 more expensive. The usual rush hour time is the peak period.
  • You will present the ticket to the inspector, inside the train.
  • I don’t know how to get the track number other than the info off the app I’m using, or asking the information center (the booth with the iconic clock)
The ticket is valid for a LONG time, though of course you’d normally use it within the day. I don’t see the point in buying bulks as I might end up not using some, and the line is really really short.
The Inspector will take your ticket and will put this little slip of paper off the back of the Aisle Seat.

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