Surviving Hitotsubashi ICS

Life in Hitotsubashi International Corporate Strategy comes in two aspects – the administrative and the academic.

Administrative (this post). This means living in Japan, going to school, money matters etc. This can actually be a Surviving Japan post, but I think it’s a tad specific to my experience as a Hitotsubashi student.

Academic (see Thriving in Hitotsubashi ICS). These are the, well, academic aspects. If I have to explain this to you, maybe you should reconsider going to graduate school. :p

Money Matters.

High level estimate of monthly expenses, based on my experience, all in JPY:

  • 48,000 – Housing
  • 10,000 – Student’s pass for daily transportation (ICS to Odaiba)
  • 10,000 – Groceries, around JPY2,500/week (I cook at home)
  • 30,000 – Meals (JPY600 for lunch meal + around JPY400 for snacks, 30 days)
  • 10,000 – Electricity (with use of full room heater, electric stove, laundry machine, refrigerator)
  • 10,000 – Miscellaneous

Based on these, you’ll need less than JPY150,000 a month.

For the first month, you’ll also have to pay the management fee that’s equal to one month’s rent.

Get a credit card too. The school materials (cases) are via Harvard Online Publishing, so you’ll need to buy them online.

Note for YLP Scholars: For the first month, you’re on your own. Hence, get around USD2,500 ready. In my case, I should have had converted everything back at home.

For those from the Philippines, I recommend that you exchange money at Czarina or BDO.


If you’re a MEXT scholar, you’re lucky because they will take care of everything. Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC) is fully furnished, no guaranty etc is needed, AND they speak English.

If you don’t wanna take this great deal, good luck.

If you don’t have this option, there’s a dorm in Kunitachi that you can apply to. It’s cheaper, just a little bit further but most definitely a good deal.


Japan transport is extremely expensive. You can get a commuter’s pass though for around 30% of the total monthly fee (so 70% discount) of your registered route. For example, my normal fare is around JPY550 one way, so more than a thousand yen per day. My commuter’s pass is JPY10,000 a month.


If you don’t love Japanese food, I strongly suggest you learn to do so.



2 thoughts on “Surviving Hitotsubashi ICS

  1. Hi, I’m assuming you got in to ICS via the YLP here in the Philippines. Can I ask you some questions regarding it as I’m also currently in the process of doing the same thing. Thank you!


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