Thriving in Hitotsubashi ICS

Life in Hitotsubashi International Corporate Strategy comes in two aspects – the administrative and the academic.

Administrative (see Surviving Hitotsubashi ICS). This means living in Japan, going to school, money matters etc.

Academic (this post). These are the, well, academic aspects. If I have to explain this to you, maybe you should reconsider going to graduate school. :p

These are quick comments – and DOES NOT cover the details. If you want details, ask. 🙂

Pre-matriculation Courses

The goal is to really understand the concepts they teach, not just to pass the final exam. This will make your life so much easier.

Foundation Week.

Oh, exercise before going to school. The first two days are physical. It’s an out of town, overnight team building event.


For Term 1, I strongly suggest you read as much as you can before classes, unless you are a fast reader. To be honest, I didn’t read anything and I survived, but I think I should have. Well, I was working full time so I couldn’t but DO try.


It’s all about participation. This is their way of forcing each of you to go out of your shell and actually speak. Being a wallflower is not what you wanted when you decided to pursue your MBA, isn’t it?

Study Groups

On day 1, look for an accountant. Then grab that person and don’t let go. It will make your life so much easier. I think this is a consistent advice to all MBA schools.

When I first read it, for a split second I actually decided to get one, then I realized I AM one. Yeah, not my sharpest moment. Oh, and yes, people did try to “grab” me.

Online Resources

Yes, you have to buy them all. Honestly. This is a trail you know – you can get caught not buying the material as the professors can check it. Either you got it illegally or you didn’t read the cases. It’s too big a risk for USD4 per case.


Join them! I joined these two:

Yale Integrated Leadership Case Competition

St. Gallen Symposium

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