Sanrio Puroland


March 2017

There’s plenty of themeparks in Japan. Honestly. Considering how little space they have, I wonder why. Hmmm. Actually, it’s probably because they have too little space. Rather than have the little ones go run and explore, they have these compact little places where people can have “fun”. But I digress.

This post is about three months delayed, so in terms of logistics, just google Sanrio Puroland.

Quick tips:

  • If you are willing to come after 4pm, the price is lower. Careful though, it closes around 6pm.
  • There’s an online discount, so visit their site. Again, google is your friend here. But I’ll try to make it easier for you:
  • This is a family affair. But if you really love Hello Kitty and the gang, go and explore.
  • If you are only after a gift shop (like me who needs to buy a gift), there’s none outside. You have to buy the ticket and actually go inside. The thing is, even the store itself is already an experience.

They have shows throughout the day, I think I managed to catch the main one:

The moment you get off the station, it’s Hello Kitty world for you. Look at the toilet, elevator and street signs:

and finally I see the themepark! It’s not over the top – it’s plain, good, old cute.
The GIFT SHOP. Child for scale.
I only managed to get into one ride. It was pretty nice…
…and really girly.
My favorite though is the building at night. Bye bye, Hello Kitty world!

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