Planning One Year in Japan

I’ve got one whole year to stay in Japan for my MBA. Since I’m moving my ass from one country to another with a whole lot of tenta on the other side, a girl’s got to have some plans prepared.

So what did I do? Scoured the internet. (I so love being a millennial!) Asked people I know who have worked in Japan. Scoured the internet again.

Here are the tips I’ve got:

Things to Bring

  1. Deodorant. Apparently their deos have a different composition. Better safe than sorry on my end.
  2. Vitamins. One of the things I’d rather not risk, vitamins can be a bit tricky here (cue: language difference). It is also a lot more expensive here.
  3. Clothes and towels. Clothes for obvious reasons, and towels unless you’d rather buy some here. Beddings are leased, and since you’ll need the comforter, etc., I think the JPY7,000/year lease is a good deal.
  4. Shampoo and toothpaste. Sometimes, your brand is  just not here. These are the items I missed – they didn’t have head and shoulders (shampoo) and colgate (toothpaste). Everything else they did.

Pack light – you only have two bags and they are more than enough. Tokyo is a big city – more likely than not, you can buy your own things.

In terms of whether it’ll be cheaper on not, Amazon Japan is your friend. Whatever price is in there, chances are it reflects competitive market rates.

Places to Visit

Japan is fairly famous for its four seasons so right timing is critical.

  1. Autumn. It’s all about the leaves. So parks, mountains and other locations with plenty of trees-that-hibernate-during-winter is your priority.
  2. Winter. Japan took Christmas lights to a whole new level – here they are called Winter Illumination.
  3. Spring. Blink, and it’s gone. The flowers are the most elusive of all, so remember to be flexible with your itinerary.
  4. Summer. Hot, hot, hot. But this is the only time you can ascend to Mt. Fuji, so do enjoy.

Now, this is not an exhaustive list. Ask me a question, and I’ll update this post as necessary.


2 thoughts on “Planning One Year in Japan

  1. Hi, I will continue my master degree at Japan for a year, start this October. So, I’m curious about your experience using smartphone in Japan. I read somewhere that we had a contract at least a year to use the phone. Please share your experience~ Thank youuu


    1. Hey! I actually had a pocket wifi from a sempai so I didn’t have to do anything (I just paid her directly), but I’m looking into it right now – I’ll probably have some info for you around the end of September when I get my own.


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