Yamato Chronogate

~January 2017

There’s this story in one of the manga I’ve read – the guy asked the girl to look around, then close her eyes. He then asked her how many stars she saw. She said none. Once she opened her eyes again, she suddenly became aware that there are huge star designs in one of the stores. The moral? We tend to overlook the things we are not familiar with.

This is the Yamato case for me.

What is Yamato? It’s the impressive delivery system in Japan that delivers goods within the day. Amazon uses them, as most of the Japanese people. Their operations was amazing, and so are their customer service (but then, so do most Japanese’).

The moment I learned who they are, I began to see them EVERYWHERE! THOSE CATS ARE EVERYWHERE!

What impressed me the most was the operations – how they sort the packages and ensure that each are delivered within the required time frame. It was all automatic! Sorry, we were not allowed to take pictures, but darn, that was one of the most impressive things I’ve seen. Basically there is a system of conveyor belts in the floor, all unmanned, that automatically sorts through packages of different sizes and puts them into the right boxes. Every single one. Error rate? Practically zero.


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