Uchinonakamichi Seaside Park


April 1, 2017

This is simply gonna be a collection of flower pics. You’ve been warned.

Well, let’s start with:

How to get there:

At Yoshizuka station, go to platform 1. Get off at Kashii station, take the escalator to platform 4. The train to Saitozaki does not look like a normal JR train (it was printed with Kyushu). Get off at Uminonakamichi. Right outside the station is the entrance – I’ll be impressed if you manage to get lost.

Overall fare is JPy460 I think.

Quick Tips:

  • Check the season. It’s all seasonal in Japan, so you’d better look up the website (or the latest sns tags) to see what the place looks like.
  • Rent the bike. It’s a big, big place. It’s around JPY100 per hour, I think.
  • If you have time, make it a picnic. It’s a pretty peaceful place. 🙂
I am a bit too early – the sakura is only starting to bloom. 😦 But look at the bright yellow flowers on the right, and the white flowers underneath the trees! Ah, so pretty.


The main attraction is, of course, the nemophilia. I bet this has nothing on Hitachi Seaside Park, but this one has sakura blossoms in its midst.

See the bridge on the prior picture? This is the view from that bridge. 
Next stop? Flower museum. They also have a rose garden, but it’s not the season of roses – so there were no flowers in that garden. 
I don’t know what this is, but the color contrast is easily my favorite.
I went to the entrance last >.<
Oh, and it’s a SEASIDE PARK. Of course, the sea has to be in its side! :p
It looks good, I know, but you won’t like it. Too hot!



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