Abbey of St. Gallen


May 1, 2017

An abbey and a church that is more than a thousand years old, this is one of the key landmarks of St. Gallen. The city started by a man named Gallus, who tripped on a root on his way from the famous lake nearby and deemed such tripping as a sign that he should live there.

It was a pretty nice walk, and I loved the feel of the place. It’s like a peaceful, original version of the 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

I started walking from were I was staying, and the entire neighborhood looked like they were part of a grand theme.
I was walking across the old city, and there were plenty of cafes. Oh, and it had plenty of snow. It wasn’t snowing when I was there. It was raining. and I was freezing. 😦
Then voila! The beacon of chocolate shines bright to my tired eyes!
I stayed in the cafe for at least an hour, enjoying the famed Swiss chocolate and some pastries. I think I paid CHF15ish. Tsk tsk. That’s pretty steep.
After my coffee, I decided to spend the rest of the time inside the church (where it is warm)
The church was pretty huge, of course.
and here’s the abbey right outside.

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