Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

February ~15, 2017

One small place that you should visit a guide, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is so rich in its history you will be missing out so much if you just go to look at it.

This is the Sultan’s view while he listens to his people.
On the right of the palace are these structures.
As they didn’t have paint then, they put cloth (like a canvas) on ceilings, and to get the color gold on the design, they put… gold on it.
There’s a meaning to these statues. Sorry, I forgot. 😦
Right in the middle is where the Sultan sits, and on the veranda on his left and right (where we are standing), are his concubines, if I remember correctly.
These pillars have been standing for hundreds of years. And they are made of wood. Impressive, eh?

Vidya India

February ~20, 2017

One of the visits I probably would never forget is the visit to Bangalore’s Vidya. It’s a chance to see how young women in India struggle, what motivates them and how hard they work.

They struggle with the cultural imposition to women. Their hands are tied. But one thing drives them – their families. Their kids. For example, learning English is a priority because they wanted to talk to their kids in English. Most Indians DO NOT speak English. The people we meet are not at the bottom of the pyramid, and with 1.2billion people, there’s a lot of them. But far more numerous are the ones who struggle on a daily basis.

Vidya is about helping these young women help themselves. And I can’t think of a better way to do it.

Akshaya Patra

February ~20, 2017

One of the “company” visits we had was to Akshaya Patra, which is a food kitchen. Only this food kitchen feeds millions of people, is ISO certified and follows kaizen (continuous improvement).

They are a good example of how a not-for-profit organization (they operate from donations and government subsidies) can apply business concepts and succeed!

The entrance. We had to wear hair net and face mask for our visit, which is pretty standard.
This is a sample meal – the one they fed us come in containers similar to the ones I saw being loaded for delivery.
Right outside. 😦 I doubt that it is their trash, it’s just sad how people throw trash wherever.

Bengaluru Market

February 15, 2017

I felt like was in Baclaran in steroids. (Baclaran is a market in the Philippines).

Bengaluru Public Market was noisy, crowded and overflowing! There were people shouting everywhere (as their marketing tool, I think). As with the other Bangalore tours, all I know in terms of the logistics is “be at the hotel lobby by 1pm”.

Piles and piles of goods. Be it vegetables, pots, flowers, etc.
This, if I understood our guide correctly, is something men chew after eating. Like tobacco. Or Mint.  He said it doesn’t taste good. Either way, these leaves were all over the place.
This is for the ladies. This I think is the one used for their “ink”.
look at these CARROTS!
Then we saw this huge tree…
With the cows eating garbage underneath. We didn’t even touch these cows – we don’t know the rules on dealing with them >.<
And here’s a normal tuktuk (or what they call Auto?)
Look, they even have a meter! Never used, of course.

Indian Food

February 2017

Before flying to India, we were advised of the following:

  1. Don’t eat street food.
  2. Only drink bottled water (don’t wash your teeth with tap water, even).
  3. Avoid anything that had contact unfiltered water – like freshly washed, peeled fruits, ice, etc.

I broke rules 1 and 2. Oopsie.

The traditional Indian ice cream – Kulfi.
Of course I tried the traditional flavor – Matka. Boy, was it good!
Off the street there’s this hollow shells that they pierce with their hands to put some stuff on

They then serve this in one small bowl made of dried leaves and some soup. This is probably the spiciest thing I’ve tried in India.

Outside (at the ground floor of the building to the left) Chancery Pavilion is a small restaurant that was hands down our group’s favorite.
They have this drink – lassi, that I think is homemade yogurt with ice cream and nuts.
And only Indian meal I can tolerate – Butter Paneer Masala. Nomnomnom.

This is one pretty cute bread. I didn’t buy it though. I have long learned that pretty =/= delicious.
Now this one is really good!
and I love Indian coffee! The put LOTS AND LOTS OF MILK on it.



Bangalore Fort

February 15, 2017

This was an interesting visit. Apparently, the Bangalore Fort is a pretty tricky one – there are seven (?) layers, and they are formed like a maze. So you don’t know if you’re supposed to turn left or right, and the odds of anyone getting all seven correctly is pretty low.

The gates also have spikes on them – mainly to scare off elephants charging the doors. And these gates aren’t really the entrances – there’s a small door on the side, that curves through the other side, so that enemies will not see what’s on the other side of the curve.

Overall, if you just go to the place, there’s pretty much nothing there but walls. So please get a guide, and have a bit more appreciation of the place.

Bonus – there’s a not-for-kids shape in this side of the wall:

Flying to India

February 12, 2017

It takes TEN HOURS to fly to India. TEN HOURS. It’s my longest flight to date! I’m still not sure if I hate it or if I’m excited.

Quick tips

  1. Take the bag tag and attach it to all your bags. Once you go through baggage screening, they have to stamp these bag tags.
  2. Prepare for a very personal body scan. It was very professionally done, with the girls having a covered area. But still, it was the most personal scan I ever had.
  3. Arrange for car transport if you are arriving at night. Even priced at a premium, it’s probably worth it.

So. Here’s how my flight went:

We met at around 10am (Narita Terminal 2) to board our flight.

Hello, Airplane. Please don’t crash.
Since I’m haven’t done any long haul flights, this is my first time being given so many meals. and snacks. I finally get a taste of the often joked about plane peanuts! (Yes, I’m that shallow)

It wasn’t such a long flight. Maybe because I loved watching Now You See Me and Kimi No Nawa. I took a nap in between, then proceed to randomly watch videos. Yeah, I loved all those nine-ish hours.

Hello, Delhi! Hello, India! I’m here!!!

I was so excited! Then our group had some issues with the confusion in the line for the eTV (electronic Tourist Visa). Basically we went to the wrong line. Honestly, these people weren’t so helpful. But moving on!

We finally got into Bangalore! (I think this is a Bangalore picture)

It was a really, really, long flight. We got in our hotel at around 2am! O.O


Bengaluru’s Flower Market

~February 15, 2017

As part of “Getting to Know Bengaluru” day, we went to the market to see a very unique market – a teeming flower market. I’ve seen flower markets before, but not those that are sewn (yes, sewn!) together in meters and meters of continuous rows, but also to this scale.

*This tour was organized as part of the Global Network Project of our school, so I don’t know any of the logistics aside from “be at the hotel lobby at 1pm”.

Look at this, for example:

They sew each flower individually, and then one guy measures it and thus completes one “pile”.
They do these by groups of flowers – of course, by design.
Another group of ladies, another pile of flowers.
This is pretty special. This is not done on a per flower basis. This is on a PER PETAL basis. Where is it used? Weddings of course!
That’s him with the rose petals.
Piles and piles of flowers. Obsolescence rate? Probably less than a couple of days.


Bangalore Palace

February 16, 2017

The palace was pretty impressive from the outside, and is apparently way smaller than the one in Mysore.

It is a bit of a tourist trap  – you pay an additional INR200 if you want to take pictures inside. Oh, and the king still lives, and the rent goes to him (and I assume maintenance). 🙂