Using HP12c Platinum Calculator

Howdy! I’m in no way an expert – but here’s what I think newbies like me need to know about this Financial Calculator.

I’ve discussed how to buy this in another blog (will link later). Here’s some quick reviews:

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Programming… again??!!

August 28, 2016

Day 3 – I’ve encountered the biggest block in my endeavor to understand how my HP12c works – programming.

There are lines and lines one has to understand and a way to program instructions into the calculator. I’ve skipped this section, saw some complex mortgage calculation, then lo-and-behold, you have to understand programming to do it. So back to page 129 of my user manual…..

Figuring out HP12C

August 27, 2016

A calculator’s pretty simple right? So I decided to use my new-so-amazing calculator for some simple functions.

I was adding some figures – let’ say 1+1. So I hit 1 + 1, then pressed “Enter”. It showed 1. Huh. There’s something wrong. So I hit 1 + then it suddenly showed 2. Something’s really wrong.


I guess it it’s time to take out the guide…