Hokkaido Ice Cream

February 10, 2017

Hokkaido is pretty famous for its milk. So I figured if their milk is special, their ice cream must be to. The fact that it’s freezing outside with the ground colder than ice cream DOES NOT factor in.

See, in the peak of winter and they sell it! Of course the tourists will buy that ice cream!


Food Trip in Sapporo

February 9-10, 2017

Japan isn’t really a street food friendly. The thing is, eating while walking is highly frowned upon, though the clean streets make it worth it. So chances are, the only time to eat streetfood is during of the festivals. Another thing about the Japanese? When they decide to do things, they go all out.

Sapporo is Japan’s food heaven. It’s not Osaka (at least for me. :p) What to try?

  1. Ice cream. The soft serve ice cream here is way better than the one in Tokyo. Then again, Hokkaido is apparently famous for their milk.
  2. Ramen. They have a “ramen alley”. I think that’s a pretty good signal of how good their ramen is. I can recommend some, but I only visited two (Sumireya and Teshikaga), and they are really good but not earth shattering good (or maybe I’ve eaten far too much good ramen?)
  3. Streetfood. The stalls at the festival are a must try. They have the almonds coated in chocolate, cinnamon, etc. They have plenty of seafood on a stick (TRY EVERYTHING YOU CAN!)
  4. Pastries. There are these small stalls with small pastries filled with heavenly chocolate, caramel or cheese. It’s like cream puffs, but the size of a thumb and made of pancake-ish shells. The heavenly one was in Sapporo station that I passed when I was lost, and there are some so-so ones in Otaru.
This is crab with lots of cheese and nori. Nomnomnom.
One of the many many stalls of… hot alcoholic drinks.
This was described as Hokkaido’s very own “coke”.
This is not streetfood – this is Teshikaga Ramen at the Ramen Alley. They seat around 8 people, so either you are lucky to get in quickly (like me), or you have to wait in line. Oh, get the gyoza.

Indian Food

February 2017

Before flying to India, we were advised of the following:

  1. Don’t eat street food.
  2. Only drink bottled water (don’t wash your teeth with tap water, even).
  3. Avoid anything that had contact unfiltered water – like freshly washed, peeled fruits, ice, etc.

I broke rules 1 and 2. Oopsie.

The traditional Indian ice cream – Kulfi.
Of course I tried the traditional flavor – Matka. Boy, was it good!
Off the street there’s this hollow shells that they pierce with their hands to put some stuff on

They then serve this in one small bowl made of dried leaves and some soup. This is probably the spiciest thing I’ve tried in India.

Outside (at the ground floor of the building to the left) Chancery Pavilion is a small restaurant that was hands down our group’s favorite.
They have this drink – lassi, that I think is homemade yogurt with ice cream and nuts.
And only Indian meal I can tolerate – Butter Paneer Masala. Nomnomnom.

This is one pretty cute bread. I didn’t buy it though. I have long learned that pretty =/= delicious.
Now this one is really good!
and I love Indian coffee! The put LOTS AND LOTS OF MILK on it.



Huge Food Servings

March 19, 2017

I was warned. Really, I was. But I still wasn’t prepared.

I ordered one dish. Chicken. How was I supposed to know they will be serving me three huge chicken breasts?! I was full the moment I saw the plate.

The food was decent, but it’s just that my appetite was gone the moment I saw it. This was in a diner right at the corner of The Brooklyn Tabernacle Church.


Steak in Okinawa

March 4, 2017

Forget Jimbo Hans. Don’t look anywhere else! Go for 88 steakhouse. I know it sounds like an advert, but this really isn’t. I just love the place.

Steak. I had the original. Medium. Nomnomnom. It bursts in your mouth. One of the best steak I’ve had here in Japan. Price is around JPY2,500, same as most steaks.

Unlimited Blue Seal Ice Cream. For merely JPY380, you get unlimited Blue Seal Ice Cream. Unlimited. Unlimited! Do you know how much each scoop is? JPY350! And I love this ice cream. From someone who loves dessert as much as I do, I don’t say that lightly.

Oh, and it’s in Kokusai street (the one I ate in), about a couple hundred meters from Kencho (City Office)

Ramen Alley

February 10, 2017

Japan loves their alleys. The Yakiniku streets in Shinjuku, the pub street in Shibuya… Imagine my surprise with the Ramen Street of Hokkaido!

It’s a couple of minutes walk away from the Susukino Station. Just look for this big sign on the street:

Stores usually open from 11am to 2pm, then again in the evening ’til late.

I decided to visit Teshikaga, thanks to the Burara flyer in the bus from the airport to the city.

I was lucky that when I came in, there’s only two people in front of me. When I left, there’s a long line. Inside is a small space that accommodates around 8 people. That’s it. So patience one must have.
I read in the articles to eat the Gyoza, and order the big one. I decided on the small one (5pcs), and regretted it after one bite. So I ordered a new set. Haha. They told me to mix the soy sauce with vinegar, and of course that’s what I did.
Here comes the ramen! Nom nom nom. It was really good – better than most I’ve tasted (most definitely better than Ichiran Ramen)