French Tourist Visa from Tokyo

August 8, 2018

As always, Filipinos need visa everywhere blah blah blah.

So for those who need a Tourist visa from France – not just limited to those from the Philippines – here’s my experience. I do not have the results yet – so when I do get my visa (hopefully!), I’ll post all the requirements and what I did. If I don’t post anything… oh well. 

Quick tips:

  • There’s no consular in Nagoya, despite what google says. It is ONLY in Tokyo.
  • Apply for your appointment the moment you book your ticket. They have around 10 people/slot; 5 slots per day, so it CAN be limited. Here’s the link. It says that June to September is busy, and in my case (today’s my appointment), I had to wait almost a month for the next available appointment.
  • The place can be a bit far from the stations, but google can help. It is right next to a school, white building, and well, embassies are pretty obvious (with the government seal and what not)

My Experience:

  1. At the entrance I was scanned (pretty standard). They have a list of people to come in – hence the around 10 people/slot comment above.
  2. You get your name called (yey, no assigned number! You are actually treated like a person haha)
  3. I come in, and she asks for the preferred language (of course Filipino is not an option).
  4. She asks for my requirements, I pass them to her. I asked if she needed my old passport with my old Schengen visa, she said no. While looking at my papers, she asks if I’m going as a tourist (yes), and what places I’m planning to visit. So I recited my itinerary (which is in the file) ⇒ Paris, then Versailles, then Mont Blanc, then tree house in Estretat (where we both laughed), then back to Paris. She complimented how organized things were (will that help? I hope!), and asked me if I know how much the fee will be. I said EUR60, and she gave me the JPY amount (7802yen). She tells me go and wait for my name to be called again so I can pay.
  5. Within 5 minutes my name was called, and I paid. There she took my fingerprints (I don’t know why – my last fingerprints were still valid) and my picture.  She then confirmed if I want my passport delivered by post or if I want to pick it up, I said I want it delivered.
  6. She said I’m done, and so I leave.

I came in around 9:25 (at a 9:30 appointment), and was done at 9:50am.

And now I wait.