May 13-14, 2017

Fuji is one of the more known areas in Japan for one simple reason – Mt. Fuji. I see Mt. Fuji even from my place in Tokyo, Odaiba. Unfortunately, when we got there, it was so cloudy we didn’t see Mt. Fuji at all. 😦

How to get there

1. Go to the Keio bus terminal near the south exit of Shinjuku, 4th floor. The fare is around JPY3,500 roundtrip, less 10% for students (just tell them at the counter). Book your ticket online as tickets sell fast. When I went, those with no reservations have to wait 3 hours. Ouch.

2. Get off at Kawaguchiko Station.

That’s it. Basically Kawaguchiko Station is the main transportation hub here.

We stayed at Hotel Mt. Fuji You, which is the cutest hostel I have ever been, at a decent price (JPY3,800 a night)

It’s small, but really cozy. Oh, and less than a 300meters from the Fujisan station. That’s around JPY200 ride away from Kawaguchiko Station.
Fuji flowers!
That’s Fuji-Q. Honestly, it felt like a stairway to nowhere.
That’s quite a fence.
I knew the Japanese are not the tallest people, but come on! I think the door’s merely 4 ft tall!