One Piece Tower

January 14, 2017

It seems that Japan has a themepark for everything. Hey, I’m not complaining. Imagine my surprise when I was just scanning japanican when I saw the One Piece themepark in Tokyo? Of course I scheduled a trip within the week!

It’s around JPY2,000 for the day, and it’s located right at Tokyo Tower. I mean it. Look for Tokyo Tower and go inside. It’s right inside. Unfortunately, this might be seasonal. So don’t expect it to be there forever.

Hello, One Piece!
We started off with the cafe. We didn’t realize there’s a restaurant right next to it so we settled with the One Piece themed snacks and drinks for lunch.
This was Chopper’s something. Honestly? The food wasn’t good… it’s really the ambience you’re after.
Our first game! It’s a very simple one – you bet on a race. And well, most loses. As expected of Nami-san!
One of the rides has the “inside” of the ship. Of course I took a peek at all closets! Only the girls had their clothes in the closet though. I was hoping to see Zoro’s. Tsk tsk
My favorite game! You use Wii (I think) and attack like Zoro! (but only with one sword!!!)
Come on, Hawkeye. Far too strong!
Obviously I’m a big fan of Zoro!
AND Ace! Oh, Ace. T.T
Will I get the power of this devil fruit? Nah, I think this is one of the fake ones. Shame, SMILE!
If only having real abs is as easy as drawing them…
My FAVORITE PART! THE LIVE SHOW! Honestly, I don’t know how they got the perfect characters! Nami with the big boobs, Robin with the unrealistically small waist, dorky Luffy, and… well, the others weren’t as prominently acted out…




Schengen Visa in Less Than 24 Hours

April 15, 2017

Since I’m going to a symposium in Switzerland, I applied for a visa at the Swiss Embassy in Tokyo. There’s not much to read about it – probably because the Japanese don’t need visa to go to Europe.

How to Prepare

1. Go to their website to fill up the online application. Then print it out.

2. Prepare the documents. I printed out the list in the site and checked them one by one. Oh, you’ll have to present your actual resident’s ID, but I included a copy just to be safe.

3. Go to the embassy!

Yes, it’s cherry blossom season so of course there’s sakura near the embassy

At the Embassy

They only open from 9am to 12noon, so prepare accordingly.

1. Get off at Hiro-o Station of Hibiya line, take exit 3. Once you go out, turn right. After the conbini, there’s a small street at the right. Turn right and just follow the road.

2. Ring the bell at the embassy. They speak Japanese and English, of course. The room is fairly small, proceed to the counters on the left. Honestly, it’ll take a special snowflake to get lost here. I was the only person then, so thankfully no lines whatsoever. They say it might be because the Japanese don’t need a visa to go to EU, but then again they don’t need a visa to go to US but the lines at US embassy is loooong. But I digress.

3. They’ll take your papers and ask you whether you wanna pick it up or have it mailed. Of course I chose to have it mailed. So I paid the JPY600 fee. You’ll then be asked to write your address in an envelope they will provide.

4. Wait while they check your documents.

5. They’ll call you to take your picture and prints. This is done via a machine booth in the middle of the room.

6. Go home.
I went to the embassy on Thursday, April 14, 10am. I received the mail on Friday, April 15, 12:30pm. It easily is the fastest processing I’ve had in my life. Thank you, Swiss Embassy!

Cooking At Home

My dinner for the past six months is mainly this:

  1. Chicken marinated in vinegar, salt and pepper, fried in oil/butter
  2. Broccoli strained with hot water
  3. Fried potatoes
  4. Fried water spinach (usually fried after the chicken)

I don’t know how to cook the others. The ingredients here are different to what I’m used to. 😦