The Huangshan Puzzle

Huangshan is not the same as Huangshan Scenic Area. I knew that, but I didn’t expect how difficult navigating this would be. -__-

Traveling to Huangshan is pretty complex and probably well covered by Chinese blogs. But not English ones.

There are options, and so I label them a, b, c. You can use whichever option, then move on to the next number.

1a. Bus from Suzhou

There are buses available both from the North and South Railway station, at CNY128. The North one leaves at 6:40am, and that’s what we took.

Our bus arrived at Tunxi (Huangshan City) at 12:30pm.

1b. Train/Bus From Shanghai

At around CNY326, the one high speed train leaves Shanghai in the morning and arrives at Huangshan Railway station, taking 4 hours.

There’s a bus option that takes 6 hours.

2a. From Huangshan Station (Tunxi)

This is if you took the bus.

From there, you transfer at the same bus station to another bus (gate 8, no need to buy ticket at the counter, you pay at the bus) that goes to the transfer point near the foot of the mountain. This costs CNY20, and takes more than an hour.

2b. From Huangshan Railway Station, North (Highspeed train)

If you go outside the huge ass train station, there’s another huge ass bus station. Buy the ticket at the counter and board the bus. This costs CNY18 if I remember correctly, and takes 45 minutes.

3. Transfer (?) bus

This is a CNY18 bus that takes you from the foot of the mountain to your preferred cable car. Since me and my friend wanted the East (Yugun) one, we took that bus. Less than an hour I think.

4. Ropeway up!

From here on, your Huangshan Scenic Area maps should work.

When you pay for the Ropeway, you also pay for the entrance (less than CNY200 – I think CNY190?). This you can pay by international credit card.


The Ropeway is CNY80 for the east one, and CNY90 for the west one. The Cable Car in the middle of the mountain in the west course is CNY100.